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Minkyung Lee (b.1987) pays attention to the traces of the past and the continuity of the present accumulated on things in order to grasp the way to perceive the contemporaneous reality. Based on the traces of the past on the surface of things, when the doubts and questions arise surrounding them Lee examines the hidden aspect of things by bringing the fragments of things discovered from the environment surrounding herself into new forms and different contexts by casting, disassembling the structure and revealing layers under the skin.

Lee received her BFA in painting from Sejong University and MFA from Chelsea College of Arts, London. She held her 2nd solo exhibition Ges Ture s Ofsoftb Ody, gallery DOS in 2018. Selected group exhibitions include The Unnamable, Kumho Museum of Art, Conversation Between The Gap, Suwon Cultural Foundation, Breaking The Skin, Raum gallery in London, amongst others.